Never Give Up!


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My discovery of chiropractic ultimately started with my search of relief for migraines. My desire to work with athletes came years later when I was told to stop weight training. “You have to accept that your body cannot handle what you are doing to it,” my chiropractor told me. I stared at him in disbelief. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. “Give up?” No way. Not me, not this time. You see, I was training for my first NPC Bikini Division competition. I had finally committed myself to a stronger and healthier lifestyle. I had developed a passion for lifting heavy weights. Sure, I had scoliosis, but I learned to lift with good technique. My back felt its best when I lifted. At the time of this particular chiropractic visit I was suffering low back pain due to the rigors of student life-SITTING. I was just hoping for a chiropractic adjustment, some encouragement, and some relief. What I got was a crappy opinion, an adjustment, and some relief. I went out and found a new chiropractor.

As athletes, there will be times we need to rest our bodies. There will be times we need a break. On occasion, we may need to have a tough talk with our coaches or doctors regarding our passion. Giving up should never be an option. We may have to choose a new path, or improvise within our sport of choice, but giving up should never be the answer.

As a chiropractor in St Paul, my goal is to encourage people to maintain an active lifestyle, or inspire people to begin an active lifestyle. I will provide an honest opinion on your choice of activity. We all start somewhere, and we are all unique. Our needs are specific. I will take my time to hear your concerns, perform a thorough examination, and create a treatment plan just for you. While taking a cookie cutter approach in creating my treatment plan would allow me to see more patients, I prefer to spend extra time with my patients, often addressing soft tissue concerns in addition to spinal subluxations. This approach leads to better, longer lasting results for my patients. I will also consult your coach, personal trainer, or health care provider if needed. I will do what it takes to help you move better.

If you have been avoiding chiropractors out of fear of being told to stop your passion, schedule an appointment today. I enjoy helping people stay active. Whether you are a national level weightlifter, a bodybuilder, a weekend warrior, a cross fit athlete, or someone looking to find his or her health again, you are welcome to contact me today! NEVER GIVE UP!

- Dr. Trisha Augustine

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